Choose the best ips monitor

It is not easy to choose the right monitor when you need to decide which is the perfect for your use.

But I think the best advice is NOT choose models which is use TN panels!

So what is TN and what is IPS?!

Long story short, TN and IPS is two totally different technology and the IPS is the better option (and also the more expensive – but if you plan to use in longer term it is worth those few extra bucks)

TN is the older technology, and the cheaper models has really bad picture. Also TN has viewing angle problems, because when you see the monitor in certain angles you dont see the display normally.

This why develop the IPS technology, and that panel doesnt have any problem from any angles.

You probably see newer Apple products like iPhone or Mac notebooks which has really good and quality displays. Apple also use IPS panels  about good reasons :)


In-Plane Switching technology are so much better color accurancy and quality also, so if you use your monitor as movie viewer – this is the better option..

And why am I a really big fan of IPS monitors? I buy a few weeks ago a new monitor which is use ips panels.

Earlier I use an old lcd monitor – and I am not satisfied – so I need to change.

I read a lot of articles and visit a lot of website – but everybody promoting the most expensive models – so it was hard to select a best ips-monitor-selector website.

Fortunately I found a website which was a great help to me and I hope it will be a big help for you also if you want to choose a new monitor!

Visit the if you want to choose the best ones!

Are you tech geek? Visit the wikipedia article about IPS panels! :)

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I was looking for a dinosaur backpack when finally…

I wanted to buy a great gift for my son thats why I started to look around on the internet.

My son is 8 years old and he loves dinosaurs very much. His favourite type is the Velociraptor, so I wanted to find something which is conneted to this type of animal.

Due to he has many kinds of different Velociraptor toys and accessories I decided to buy for him a new dinosaur bag.

When I started to look around on the market I was not sure about what kind of bag I am looking for, but finally I made my decision.

When I was browsing I saw that there can be find many different dinosaur backpack so due to the wide range of that type of bags I began to narrow my search.

In this way I found the website where I found a great selection of dino backpacks.


On this website there are many different backpacks can be found for all ages.

So I easily could pick a great and massive dinosaur school bag with a Velociraptor figure for my eight year old son!

I truly reccomend you this page if you are looking for the best dinosaur backpack for your kid!

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